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Investor report UKRS

BNP Paribas Islamic Fund ‐ Hilal Income31/12/2019
Theam Quant Dispersion US31/12/2019
BNP Paribas Islamic fund – Hilal Income31/12/2018
BNP Paribas L1 SICAV31/12/2018
Vol Edge12/10/2018
BNP Paribas L1 SICAV16/06/2018
BNP Paribas Islamic fund – Hilal Income31/12/2017
BNP Paribas L1 SICAV31/12/2017
Parvest SICAV31/12/2017
THEAM Quant SICAV31/12/2017
BNP Paribas FLEXI I30/06/2017
Alpha Commodity Fund31/12/2016
BNP Paribas Easy31/12/2016
BNP Paribas Islamic Fund – Hilal Income31/12/2016
BNP Paribas L1 SICAV31/12/2016
Parvest SICAV31/12/2016
THEAM Euro Long-Dividends31/12/2016
THEAM Quant Raw Materials Income31/12/2016
THEAM Quant SICAV31/12/2016
Vol Edge A31/12/2016
Vol Edge B31/12/2016
Parworld SICAV30/09/2016
BNP Paribas Islamic Fund – Hilal Income31/12/2015
BNP Paribas L131/12/2015
Parvest SICAV31/12/2015
Parworld SICAV30/09/2015
Parworld SICAV (notional)30/09/2015

UK reporting fund status report to investors (UKRFS)

BNP Paribas Easy31/12/2019
BNP Paribas Easy FR31/12/2019
BNP Paribas Funds31/12/2019
BNP Paribas L131/12/2019
Parvest SICAV31/12/2019
Theam Quant31/12/2019
BNP Paribas Flexi I30/06/2020
BNP Paribas Flexi I23/09/2019
BNP Paribas Flexi I30/06/2019
Parworld SICAV18/06/2019
BNP Paribas Easy31/12/2018
BNP Paribas Easy FR31/12/2018
Parvest SICAV31/12/2018
THEAM Quant Dispersion US31/12/2018
THEAM Quant Equity Eurozone Income Defensive26/04/2018
Parworld SICAV29/03/2018
BNP Paribas Easy31/12/2017
THEAM Quant Equity Eurozone Income Defen – (J EUR Dis)31/12/2017
THEAM Quant Equity Eurozone Income Defen – (J GBP H Dis)31/12/2017

Investor merger report UKRS

Parworld SICAV30/09/2016